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Repairing and restoring an antique rug means reweaving and re-knotting it using the exact method used to create the original. A highly skilled rug restoration professional can reproduce the technique exactly, and it will be difficult even to see that it was repaired. However, a poor repair job will be glaringly obvious and will ruin the looks and negatively impact the value of the rug.

Type of Repair Services:

Repairing A Hole & Rupture

Repair Moth & Fading Damage

Repairing Side Fringe & End Fringe Restoration

Baran Rug Strategy

Baran Rug Services Company offers high-quality rug cleaning and rug repair services. Our highly trained and independently certified rug cleaning specialists have decades of experience caring for rugs of all fabric types and sizes. We pay attention to detail and offer authentic hand washing of your rugs front and back. We are fully insured to guarantee your protection.

Service System And Quality

Buying a rug is an investment that requires proper care to maximize its lifespan. Neglect of even the best-made rugs can undermine their quality. For this reason, you should have your rug professionally washed to best deal with stains, moth issues, and general wear-and-tear over time.

Our Full Service System

We Follow Unique 6 Steps Cleaning & Repair Processes:


Dust Removal

Stain & Odor Removal




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Service Details

How To Clean Everything By Baran Rug Team

At Baran Rug Cleaning & Services; The most modern and authentic system is used by the most professional staff and experts in field of rug washing and cleaning business and technology. Among the services provided; are repair,structural and formation adjustment by stretching, stain removal, and removing dust. We guarantee that your rug will have the best treatment possible, at the most reasonable prices around. Depending on the rug, restoring it could eventually increase the value of the rug. Repairing your rug could make a huge difference in looks and appearance of them. Also, it is a good idea to have the rug professionally cleaned by someone who specializes in cleaning high end rugs. Never take a rug to a general dry cleaning service. The chemicals in the dry cleaning solutions can strip / cause the carpet to bleed color or cause damage. Only allow a professional who specializes in cleaning antique and very high end carpets to clean your investment.

Repairing your rugs does affect the value of a rug. In some cases, the restoration will increase the value for your rugs. In others, the repair may decrease the value of your carpets – especially if the repair was done poorly.

In general, the more likely a carpet is to hold or appreciate in value, the better it is to keep it in a good state of Professional Cleanig & Services.

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